Written  by Trey Briggs || Art by Monte Miller

How Do You Outsmart Eternity?

How long can an unspeakable horror harm a single family?
Astrid the Devil is the complicated story of a girl who inherits not only her family’s features and DNA, but their fears, struggles, and fights. It’s the story of a condition called Devil Syndrome, the women who suffer it, and the monsters that devour them. It’s the story of the fight to save the people you love at the expense of innocent lives.
At its core, Astrid the Devil is the story of a woman who inherits the chaos of three generations before her. It’s a look at what is truly passed down to our children, and how they’re left to fight our battles in the aftermath of our failures. It’s the tale of an indescribable monster and the women who struggle to defeat it. It’s a journey into how their every decision could save or destroy an entire world.
Astrid the Devil is the story of Astrid Snow, but her story can’t be told without the story of the women before her.
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From The Beginning

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Astor Snow is uneasy. Her husband hasn't returned home from a short trip out to sea. The rare condition she suffers from, Devil Syndrome, has managed to catch the wrong type of attention. Her best friend and neighbor, Noah Dill, is sneaking around and trying to cover something up. Even Astor's children seem to be changing into something not entirely human. Start your journey with Part One: Astor the Immortal.


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