Devil Syndrome
'Busted' Pupils Excessive Hair Growth Excessive Nail Growth Sensitive Skin Around Eyes Lack of Hunger

'Busted' Pupils

Sufferers of Devil Syndrome may experience enlarged pupils. In most cases, only one pupil is enlarged. The pupil is typically sensitive to light and the area around the eye is extremely vulnerable. For some with Devil Syndrome, there is no light sensitivity (is usually accompanied by an inability to feel certain types of pain or produce tears).

Excessive Hair Growth

Hair grows extremely fast and thick. For most, the growing hair is too thick and must be cut at least three times a week to prevent overgrowth.

Excessive Nail Growth

Devil Syndrome can produce excessive nail growth. Many with the condition choose to groom their hair and nails three times a week to keep the growth under control. This symptom does not typically start until teenage years.

Sensitive Skin Around Eyes

The skin around some sufferers eyes is extremely sensitive and prone to burning.

Lack of Hunger

Devil Syndrome sufferers can exhibit a lack of appetite. Some with the condition are able to survive without eating at all, surviving without food or water for extreme periods of time.