Astor Snow – Devil Syndrome
Eye Issues Growth and Speech Eating Habits Anger Anxiety

Eye Issues

Astor has never been able to produce tears. It doesn't matter the situation, her eyes don't even have the capacity to mist over.


Astor has been having severe issues with her eye for months. It's painful in light and filled with a pressure she can't quite describe. The issue is more pronounced when she's around Noah, and it's almost unbearable in the mornings when she wakes.


If Astor is feeling angry or sad, the eye throbs, the pupil blooming and spreading over the iris. Astor does her best to ignore these malfunctions. Her mother had the abnormality in both eyes.

Growth and Speech

Astor experiences extreme hair, nail, and tooth growth and has to maintain it regularly. She's obsessed with keeping a neat appearance, sometimes to the point of anger or anxiety. The young Devil (as some people with Devil Syndrome are called) underwent extensive treatments as a teenager to correct her sharp teeth.

Astor is also decidedly well-spoken, pronouncing every word to the detriment of her friends. She isn't often amused, but has a calming effect on those around her when she is.

Eating Habits

Astor doesn't need to eat often, but she does out of habit and to keep her husband happy. It's worrisome to watch her go day after day without any food, so he pretends she isn't suffering from Devil Syndrome, and they eat as a family. When Osh is away for work, Noah and Juke tend to make sure Astor keeps eating.


Without their nagging, Astor can go a long time without any food or water. If she takes starvation too far, she can have a hunger burst ... and no one wants that.


When angered, Astor is quiet. She's excellent at holding in emotions and putting on a blank face. The circumstances have to be extreme to bring reactions out of the stoic woman, and even then, she is typically collected about it.


On rare occasions that Astor has an outburst, it's best to find earplugs or duck for cover. No one wants to deal with the consequences of Astor's actual anger or extreme emotion. It's not human.


Since childhood, Astor has experienced intense panic attacks at the smallest inconvenience. Things that can't be explained in one word scare her sometimes. When she's feeling overwhelmed, Astor tends to retreat into herself, and if she can't do that, the panic attacks start.


They're vicious. Astor's imagination is second to none, and the scenarios that play across her mind break her down to the core. Her friends and family look out for signs of oncoming panic attacks and do their best to avert them.