Lostine, Verona

Astrid the Devil takes place in the country of Virginia Steeps. It specifically takes place in the cities Lostine and Chastain.

Lostine is less dense than Chastain but is home to a large number of middle and upper-class families. The Surburban town was created shortly after the state of Verona was formed, making it the oldest city in Virginia Steeps. The look and feel is mostly modern, though some areas of town still sport the classiness of the jazz era. Lostine is an unlikely place to find creatures other than humans due to an event fifty years before the story takes place (that involves Alicia Free and Yenna Dill).

Lostine is home to the Snows and the Dills, and a few side characters. Explore the map to find out more about the daily lives and favorite locations of the characters.

Lostine, Verona
Snow and Dill Family Homes Reginald Elementary School Jennifer Botanical Gardens

Snow and Dill Family Homes

Reginald Elementary School

Reginald Elementary is the workplace of Astor Snow. It's also the school of Moose and Astrid Snow.


Reginald has a checkered past, mostly to do with disappearances of teachers and student since its opening. Despite the dangers present, the school manages to keep out of the news and boasts higher than average grades for the area.

Jennifer Botanical Gardens