Marked Devil Syndrome

Marked devils are people with Devil Syndrome who have been designated as important by either Yenna or The Thing in the Ocean. These devils have usually spent some time in the ocean in close proximity to the creatures of The Mouth (Shadows).

Inhabitants of The Mouth are led by Yenna and The Thing in The Ocean. The bulbs in Yenna's hair can detach and become fused to a devil that she needs to keep track of. The marks can't tell a location, but they can serve as a beacon or alert for Shadows that are in the area.

The Thing in the Ocean's marks usually cause irreparable damage to the skin and flesh and are irreversible. Yenna's marks are more subtle, typically taking the form of hair or nails. Yenna is also known to mark for death or attention rather than capture, not wanting to put Shadows in danger or use them as henchmen. The Thing's marks still come from Yenna's hair, but prove to be more potent.

A mark can only be removed with a strand of Yenna's hair. Any deformities will remain and the mark can pass through bloodlines if made by The Thing (though it dilutes with each generation).

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Marked Devil Syndrome
The Mark Scar Tissue Damaged Pupils Bloodline and Stomach Passing the Mark Down

The Mark

A Mark can be any number of things on a devil's body. It typically shines either blue or white depending on the nature of the mark. If on a part of the body that has skin or flesh, the mark causes slight disfiguration.

In Alicia's case, the Mark signifies capture. Its main function is to entice Shadows into bringing her back to Yenna in one piece.

Marks are only visible to Shadows and Hybrids. They can pass through a devil's bloodline but will dilute; some of the hypnotizing effects will remain but they won't be accompanied by a color.

Types of Marks:

  • Marked for Capture - Blue
  • Marked for Death - White or Glowing (designated dangerous and not to be fought if on the skin)
  • Marked for Defiance - Red
  • Marked for Danger - Either Blue or Green

Scar Tissue

The Mark can ruin some of the aspects of Devil Syndrome. Heavy scarring and a lack of hair/nail growth will eventually occur. For Alicia, she exhibits a mixture of bursts of hair/nail growth every couple of years and times of normal growth. Her body heals quicker than humans but slower than most devils. She is able to feel pain.

Damaged Pupils

Most Marked devils have spent time underwater. This is especially true if they were involved with the Thing in the Ocean. In these cases, the Latch making process is exploited and the devil's pupils are damaged forever. Where typical devils have one enlarged pupil, Marked Devils can have two or one massive (larger than is normal) pupil.

Some Marked devils have pupils that constrict like a Shadows would.

Bloodline and Stomach

After being in the ocean for longer lengths of time, most Devils regain the need to eat to survive. This can come and go, but it can be extremely painful when a devil gets hungry or needs sustenance and doesn't eat immediately.

If this urge is ignored it can cause a severe burst of anger, confusion, and ravenous behavior known as a Hunger Burst.

Passing the Mark Down

Marked Devils, especially those who are marked in their skin or flesh, can pass down a mark. It will dilute over time but can still cause disastrous situations.

A bloodline mark:

  • does not produce a color to Shadows unless there is a lot of it
  • is attractive to Shadows but can cause sickness
  • is also attractive to certain humans, sometimes to the point of addiction


The longer it goes through a bloodline, the more toxic small amounts of it becomes to Shadows.