Autumn Bishop

Autumn Bishop

Everyone knows Autumn, and she makes sure she knows everyone. Pick a decade and Autumn can tell you about it.


Autumn is an esteemed scientist in Virginia Steeps, and the mother of Noah Dill.


The tiny mother is quick to call you honey, stare at you until you burst, and maybe put you into a poison-induced coma. She’s too sneaky for general comfort. Autumn has been through the ringer when it comes to life, and lost many a friend to many a beast. If you bring up a few key names (Alicia, Yenna, Mr. David), Autumn can tell you what they were doing a decade ago. She can tell you what they should’ve been doing, what they would’ve been doing, and how bad they have it now.


But nobody has it as bad as Autumn.


A young mother of more kids than you’ll ever have, Autumn is rich and entertaining in her terrible situation. She’s theatrical, full of life and personality, and two steps away from getting her skull smashed in by a giant beast.


You know. Normal stuff.