Things Get Complicated

Learn more about the characters of Astrid, the Devil in ways they'd surely be uncomfortable with.

This page is all about the past, the present, and the truth. Follow the links to find more information about the World, the Backgrounds, and the definitions of conditions and ailments that make up the lives of the characters. As the story moves forward more of these options will be unveiled. Check back for more (especially after Chapter 3).


Where the hell are we?

Figure out where the Dills and Snows call home.


What defines you?

Find out what that word you read means (without having to email anyone). This section will be updated with every chapter release.

Character Backgrounds


Keep track of what happened before and what's happening now...

Learn more about the characters of Astrid the Devil and where they were before the story started. This timeline will be unlocked (and regularly updated) once a few important scenes take place. Check back after Chapter 3!


Before the worst happens, the kids are alright...

Get to know Astrid, Chaunce, and Moose.

Bloody Alicia

Meet Alicia over the years...

Get to know Alicia Free and her many (mostly solid) motives. Side stories updated along with the main story.

The Thing in the Ocean

There's something out there, blinking in the dark...

For your budding thalassaphobia...this is a major spoiler section. Check back after Chapter 6 to push ahead regardless...