Bylas and Davey go hand in hand, but this isn’t about that.


There’s something Bylas has to do, and it’s killing him.


Ever since he was little, Bylas has had responsibilities. Those duties are nothing like the ones most kids have. His mother and father are nothing like most people’s parents, and that’s putting it lightly.


All Bylas wants is to spend time with the women in his life and relax. In fact, Bylas’ answer to every single problem is a huffy, heavy, RELAX.


There’s something off about the way Bylas navigates the world, but he’s doing his best. When he’s working for Mr. David, he tries to kill quickly and easily. When he’s by himself, he tries to forget what he’s supposed to do. If all goes well for his parents, there won’t be much of a world for him to navigate. And he’s already lost so much just trying to keep up with the people he loves. But Bylas holds out hope that he’ll make it out of everyone’s thoughts alive, and that he’ll get to actually enjoy his life eventually.


Maybe, you know… he’ll even get to enjoy Davey eventually. Maybe.