Alicia Free

Alicia Free

Alicia is unstable.

She doesn’t want to be, mind you. It’s just a thing that happens when you’ve survived two years in a brine pool in deep ocean. It’s a thing that happens when you carry the heavy guilt of stealing the body you’re in.

It’s a thing that happens when you can’t die without coming back over and over. Another body. Another life. More time.

It’s a thing that happens when you always seem to choose to save yourself over everyone else.

Alicia wants to protect her family by sparing them from her terrible fates. But she’s also inherently selfish, murderous, and not quite ever in her right mind. She suffers from Devil Syndrome and worked most of her adult life to have a child that did as well. She made that happen, gave the kid a protector, and made a plan that would probably ruin the kid’s life forever.

Alicia is unstable, and parts of her want to save her world. The other parts, the louder parts, want to destroy it.


What’s Wrong, Alicia?


Alicia feels no sense of connection, loyalty, or love to anyone she’s met since her daughter. She lost an old friend after a series of ridiculous mistakes. Young mistakes. She’s burdened with a knowledge of dangers against people like her, and she happens to have some really ugly things after her.

All in all, things are constantly chaotic and unsettling for Alicia Free. Whether she is violent with guilt or rancid with fear, Alicia is always feeling too much. And she has yet to find the key to ending her eternal existence, though she’s constantly on the lookout.

Alicia has something no other person with a goal is guaranteed, though.

She has time.

Bloody Alicia

Get to know everything you wanted to know about Alicia Free through her backstories and audio journals.

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Audio Journals

Alicia is a complicated woman. Listen to her audio journals to get a better understanding of her place in the world (and how she feels about it). Voiced by Francesca Hogan.