Cora Free

Cora Free has been missing for a long time.

The grandmother of Alicia Free, Cora would seem out of place standing with her descendants. She believes in finding the good in people, even when those people are wielding sledgehammers and locking her in cold basements. Cora has a slightly different version of Devil Syndrome  – in fact, she has more in common with just one person than any other devil on the planet.

Cora’s life up until she disappeared was peaceful. She was loved as a child, found great success in her teens, and even encouraged a generation to be better people. A model and jazz singer, Cora’s vibrant personality attracts all the right (and wrong) people.

Even beyond all of those things, there’s something special about Cora. Wherever she is, she’s able to pull people into a sort of sandbox she built in her head, shielding them from real-world harm and danger. If only someone could find her to figure out how to use it for good…