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Juke Teroy

Jukel 'Juke' Teroy

Jukel is laid back. He believes in protecting his family and friends, keeping out of trouble (as much as humanly possible), and embracing routine. There’s not much time to deal with other people and their issues.

Juke has his own immense and debilitating issues. And they crawl into his mind sometimes, thick and noisy, but it hasn’t happened in a while. Juke enjoys his work as a fisherman and clears his head in the vast ocean near his home.

Sometimes, especially lately, he finds himself out there for weeks.

Vividly in love with his wife, Noah, and proud of his dangerous daughter, Chaunce, Juke has zero complaints. His best friends live next door and they manage to take care of each other, all of them invested since they were teenagers.

Everything was fine before. They should be now.


What’s Wrong, Juke?

Where to start?

There’s the little issue with his skin. It peels in certain places. It’s not often but, when it does, there’s nothing but black underneath…

Oh, and his daughter seems to have a little too much control over the people around her. His best friend is getting more and more distant. Astor, once his confidant, is starting to look more and more like a natural born enemy.

Juke just wants things to go back to the way they used to be. When he told Astor everything. When Noah cradled his face and kissed him goodnight instead of smoking cigarette after cigarette and staring out the window, waiting for Astor…

Nothing specific is wrong, really. Something just isn’t right.