Noah Dill

Noah is bored.

She tries her hardest to take an interest in life. As a young girl, she juggled her aspirations lazily, finding little to no joy in most things. Her family (consisting of two well-known scientists and four older sisters) figured she would follow in the footsteps of their bloodline. Noah decided she would do anything to avoid being as emotionally-devoid and pretentious as her parents.


And then she met Astor. And Astor introduced her to Osh. And Osh introduced her to Juke.


Getting to know the three (one suffering from an almost impossible syndrome, one obsessed with the deep ocean, and one determined to make a name for himself in the sea however he could) gave Noah purpose. And she decided that being a scientist might not be so bad after all.

Noah Dill is apathetic to her daughter and any life outside of her best friend, won’t cook, doesn’t believe in giving up her fun for adulthood, and suffers from chronic boredom. But she’s also a caring and devoted friend who would put her life on the line to create a better world for her loved ones.


And, even before the worst happens, Noah puts Astor Snow above everyone else.

The Little Latch

Noah has unique problems, but she’s learned to shut up about them. 


There’s a lot about Noah that isn’t common knowledge. You could know where she went to school, where she went on her first date, etc. But that won’t tell you what her mother hid in the basement when she was young, and what happened when she found it. 


You could know that she has a big family and that her mother is a famous scientist, but that won’t tell you why her mother isn’t allowed in her home country. The Bishop family is full of secrets that weighed Noah down most of her life, and you could know them all if you asked. Noah’s not shy.


And you could know every single detail of Noah’s schedule and daily life, but that wouldn’t tell you what was actually supposed to happen to her. That wouldn’t give you any information on the big ugly thing that haunted her through childhood. The thing that warped her teen years and sometimes pops up to bite her in the ass now.


You shouldn’t worry about that, though. Just know that Noah’s not supposed to be here, and she’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to keep her stolen place.

What's Noah Like?

Noah is what people would call a good time. She’s barely energetic, preferring instead to sink all of her emotions and moods into cigarettes. Even so, Noah has enough personality to fill every room she enters, and she’ll stuff it even further with ‘huns’ at the end of every sentence.


The tiny scientist understands how impactful being subtle can be. She’s not above being threatening, but it’s usually done in ways that make you question her motives. She’s nearly always bored, and there’s just no hiding that. Noah can make you feel like drying paint when you talk to her.


Outside of conversations with Astor, Juke, or Osh, Noah has a nasty attitude that cuts and maims. No, she doesn’t want to talk. She barely wants to leave the comfort of her own home, but she does what needs to be done to win whatever game she’s playing.


When it comes to her husband, Noah is delighted to get him into trouble to prove his loyalty. Noah loves a good fight, a loud argument, and a drunken ramble. If there were a goddess of chaos that also happened to be the goddess of hedonism and lies, she would take the title gladly.


She’s not above giving her entire life over to Astor, and it shows. Noah isn’t too fond of children, and she doesn’t hide her disdain for her child and her best friend’s children well. If she could lock them in an empty house and escape to a life of leisure, she would.