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Osh Snow

Osh Snow

Osh Snow is as smart as he is rough.

In school, Osh was always top of his class. When he wasn’t excelling at every STEM subject he could get his head into, he was running in and out of trouble. The only things that ever mattered to Osh was Astor and becoming an ideal man. He managed to wrangle both.

His wife is, as far as he knows, immortal. Osh and Astor were together through childhood, through the murder of his mother and her father, and through rough teenage years. He made a name for himself in college and graduated at such an early age that he couldn’t start his career for four years after he graduated.

As a father, Osh is the fun dad. He matches Astor’s stern mothering with a light-hearted and always appreciated humor about life. And everything was perfect for so long.


What’s Wrong, Osh?

Osh is dealing with a bit of impostor syndrome. His wife is immortal, his children are showing increasing signs of abnormality, and he’s just normal. Osh wants more than anything to step back in front of his family. What’s a man raised on protecting the people he loves supposed to do when they don’t need protection any more?

What’s a father and husband supposed to do when he’s the weakest of the bunch?