You won’t hear the name Davey without the name Bylas, but this isn’t about that.


Davey doesn’t know where she came from, but she has an idea of where she might end up.


Abandoned too early for recollection, Davey has lived on the streets of Chastain most of her life. She remembers buildings being replaced, the homeless population from decade to decade, and finding food in odd places. She can teach you where to go and who to be in the city, and it’ll work whether you’re rich or poor. A life-long sufferer of Devil Syndrome, Davey gets by without the miracles of modern medicine that some other people with the syndrome enjoy.


Usually, it’s just Davey. Davey on the streets, Davey fighting for her life, Davey looking for a way out.

It’s not like she’s asking for much. Not to be cliche, but Davey just wants to know where her mother went. What happened that left her eye damaged beyond repair, but still able to see. Why she has so many dreams of being torn from her mother’s arms.

These days, Davey spends most of her time locked up in Mr. David’s basement. When she’s not locked up there, she’s out and about doing a job no one wants to do with two people she appreciates greatly.


You can’t say the name Davey without bringing up something violent, and she wishes things were different.