Latches are an essential part of our modern reality. They bridge a gap between Devils and immortality, and they are often exploited and abused. We work with the many Latches in Virginia Steeps to create livable conditions, especially in the cases of unexpected infections.


Part of every employee’s job at Eon Tech, whether a Field Researcher or an Immunologist, is to protect humanity. We offer our services to Devils and even Shadows that cooperate, but we are first and foremost driven by a need to help humanity. Latches are unfortunate victims in the lifecycle of a Devil, and we MUST do our best to make their time as comfortable and pain-free as possible.


Aside from counseling services, Eon Tech offers Habitual and Birth Latches room and board (in cases where their families have been murdered), some protection from Devils, and education. There will always be confusion around the process. We also strive to stay neutral so as not to anger the Devil ‘community.’


You will learn about a few prominent Latches in your studies. Please take a moment to gain the experience that Latches will undergo so that you can help provide peace.


And always remember – Devils are notoriously protective of their secondary bodies. Do not interfere.



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