Mr. David

Mr. David is a mystery to everyone who knows of him.


Though he’s gone by many names and titles over the years, Mr. David (as he prefers to be addressed) is a background figure of sorts. He navigates with a perplexing amount of secrecy, surfacing only to give bad advice, make shady moves, and halfheartedly listen. Known more for chuckling through serious situations than anything, Mr. David barely exists to most of the people of both Chastain and Lostine.


A friend to every enemy and an enemy to every friend, Mr. David fostered Osh after the tragedy (aka Alicia) killed his mother. Osh displays loyalty and love to Mr. David, but even Astor is in the dark when it comes to the lessons and outlook he gained while in the man’s care.


A devil (maybe) or a shadow (possibly?), the only sure thing about Mr. David is that he doesn’t want to be bothered. And if you see more of him it’s almost guaranteed that he’s carrying out something uncomfortable for someone else.