Moose Snow || Astrid Snow || Chaunce Dill

Moose Snow is Responsible

He really wants you to be more polite. And to listen more. And to think about the effort other people put into the things you get to do and say.

He wants you to be a better person, basically, and he’ll scold you until you do it.

An absolute buzzkill, Moose’s main concern is to be a useful and helpful man for his family. Unfortunately, he’s just a boy. Well … sort of. 

He spends most of his time scolding Astrid and Chaunce, serving as their unofficial guardian when the adults are off ruining their own lives. 

Moose will do any and everything to protect the women in his life, and he expects the same (or more) from his father and Juke.

Unfortunately, he’s the son of a man who spent his entire childhood killing for the women he loved, and is being taught to do just that.

Moose just wants you to be more polite. Don’t make him have to say it again.

Astrid Snow Wants to Laugh

She wants you to know that everything will be okay. So smile.

Astrid is a happy and bright 6-year-old with a loose grasp on the art of speech. She works tirelessly to impress her mother Astor, but is often met with anger. But it’s okay, and she smiles.

She tries her best to keep a neutral attitude – while her brother and best friend are extreme in their own ways, Astrid tends to stay calm.

She happens to be the key to a lot of destruction, horror, death, mayhem, and the only answer to the everlasting death that her grandmother craves. But, you know. Smile.

Astrid spends most of her time running around trying to keep Moose from killing Chaunce, and trying to keep Chaunce from killing everyone else.

Chaunce Dill is Dangerous

Chaunce is a tiny pile of chaos.


Everything from her energy levels to her anger levels seems abnormally large for her small body.

Sometimes, Chaunce wants people to do things. All she has to do is open her mouth and they do. Daddy says she can’t do it to mommy, though.

Sometimes, Chaunce wants people to stop breathing. All she has to do is open her mouth and they do. Daddy says she shouldn’t do that to people, though.

Chaunce doesn’t always listen to Daddy.

She spends most of her time annoying Moose, scaring her mother, and helping her daddy catch lots of fish with her special ‘crunch’.